Member Guidelines

As a valued New Heartland Speaks member, you’ll share and hear lots of insights and opinions from your fellow new heartlanders, as well as be introduced to products, brands, and emerging artists we hope you’ll enjoy. Although you’re never obligated to share, we hope you’ll want to! When you do, please keep these following guidelines in mind.    

Respect is the foundation of our community.  

Your opinion and experiences are important to our community. As you share your personal opinions about life, loves, culture, and traditions, please be considerate in how you express your perspective, as well as how you respond to fellow members’ thoughts and opinions.

Never feel pressure to share.

This is your community. We will only bring you information and products we think you’ll find value in and want to share with your friends, but your voice is what makes this community unique. Share when, and what, you are authentically inspired to share.

Let people know you’re a New Heartland Speaks member.

If you choose to share fun facts, opinions, or product news you learn about through New Heartland Speaks, it’s a good idea to disclose that you are a member of the community. This way, there is no confusion about the source of the content.

Be clear about opinions versus facts.

Brands spend a lot of time with lawyers discussing what they can and can't say about their products. If what the brand is saying relates to the performance, makeup or intended uses of the product, they have to be able to prove it somehow. You are welcome to express your opinion but please be clear to state that it is your opinion and not a fact or opinion from the brand.

Keeping it real is really important to us.

Please don’t post anything—photos, videos, etc.—that aren’t yours. Meaning: if you didn’t take the photo, don’t post it. We really want this to be a community that represents each individual, as well as avoids copyright issues.

And finally…don’t resell what you experience here elsewhere.

The vast majority of our wonderful members already know this, so this goes out to the rebellious few: please don’t sell any products or services you get to try as a member of New Heartland Speaks on Ebay or any other retailer websites—they are only for you and your friends (or family, of course).