Why is the New Heartland So Happy?

A bunch of smart people wanted to find out which cities in America are the happiest. They analyzed 100+ million Instagram photos, counting the size of the smiles on people’s faces from around the US of A. Based on a tally of those smiles, they found the happiest cities in America.

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/the-20-happiest-cities-via-instagram-2013-11


What do you think…

What priorities are most important in your life? Do they help you keep a more upbeat perspective?

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Sarah L.
My top priority is my family, and yes family will always help you in a time of need.
Heather P.
I think the think that is most important to me is Family and that they definitely help me keep a more upbeat perspective on everything. Things aren't always easy but they are always tehre with me and I think that helps to make things better even when times are rough!
Mary K.
1. Golden Rule: treat others the way you want to be treated 2. Family and Friends 3. Empathy -look at everything in a different perspective 4. Think BEFORE you speak!
Rhonda E.
Great choices for top 4, except God should be up there in #1!
Barbie B.
God is number 1, then my spouse, kids , family and friends. With God being first priority everything else falls into place. My live is very happy!
Barbie B.
Awesome! My city is in the top 9!
kirsten h.
Faith Family and Friendships
MaryAnn B.
Family Honesty Helping kindness
janet c.
Family is the most important thing in my life. And Always do the right thing. Because if u do wrong carma will come back and bite ya quicker than a rattle snake. And growing up Momma and Daddy always said if your words isnot no good you dont have nothing
Sandy S.
I agree that family & friends are at the top of the list. I could care less about status, not do I wish to be wealthy but not living paycheck to paycheck sure would be nice!