Who Sings the National Anthem Best?

Lots of great performers have given us their personal renditions, but who sings it best? Like so many other things, it really depends on where you’re from.

To celebrate July 4th, we asked, you answered. The results are still coming in! So this list is a work-in-progress. (If you haven’t already, take the survey!)

But as of today, here’s what the New Heartland said (drum roll)…

Ohio’s favorite:

Oklahoma’s favorite:

Texas’s favorite:

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Yvonne H.
Whitney, hands down is the best.
Cynthia A.
Kind of hard to top Whitney!
Bailey P.
For me it is very close between Whitney Houston and Lady Antebellum
Katiria C.
Whitney Houston's version is so beautiful it gives me goosebumps!
Heather P.
Being a Clevelander I guess I'm sort of biased but I loved the way the Cleveland Cavaliers did it during the playoffs where the crowd sang The National Anthem rather than having a musical act perform