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First of all, thank you.

Thanks for becoming a member of New Heartland Speaks. In the coming months, we’ll bring you special gifts from brands you love, like Pizza Hut, Lipton, Arby’s and more. We may even introduce you to some new products you’ve never heard of. And we’ll do it all for free. We might be one of the only websites you visit today that won’t ask you for your credit card number.

What’s this all about?

My name is Paul Jankowski. I live in Nashville with my wife and four kids ranging in age from 17 to 22. I was born and bred in the New Heartland (Illinois, Tennessee) and I love the emphasis on family life and values.  I believe we’re pretty different in the middle of the country.  We march to our own drummer and embrace our culture, quirkiness and all. Years ago, it occurred to me that there’s an online community for just about everybody, from snowboarders to video gamers to vegans. But there’s not one for us: people who live in the wide open center of the country. People who have small town values (even if they live in a big town); people who love to be outdoors, whether they’re hunting and fishing or watching their favorite college team play football on a Saturday afternoon in the fall; people who take pride in their community and their faith traditions. So I decided to make one, a community for you and me and where our voices can be heard. So I talked to some experts in the community building business and together we created New Heartland Speaks.

Let’s get to know each other.

New Heartland Speaks is all about giving members great content, special gifts and experiences from brands, including the chance to be the first to hear new music from country and pop artists. But it’s also about getting to know each other. Every few weeks we’ll ask the community simple, multiple choice questions about your life, your hometown, that sort of thing. Then we’ll sort through your answers and show you the results. Based on your answers, you’ll find out things like which state is the friendliest, who likes the spiciest chili, and who has the most pride in their hometown high school football team. Think of it like this: by answering questions, you’re helping us build a map of the New Heartland, one made up of our culture, lifestyle, and values instead of cities, roads, and highways.  We also want to hear what’s on your mind, get to know you and give you a place to share your experiences with like-minded people.

A little more about me.

I grew up the third child of six in a staunchly Catholic, Polish family. My father was the youngest of ten and a first-generation American. His parents came from southern Poland and were typical immigrants of that era. They settled in South Bend, Indiana, and worked the family farm, attempting to be as self-sufficient as possible. My dad instilled many of the values he learned into our family. He was a positive thinker, and even without a college degree, he put a huge emphasis on education.  My parents sacrificed their quality of life to ensure that all six of us had a solid education. He loved to recite personal mantras and words of advice, upon which my siblings and I usually rolled our eyes or laughed and then promptly dismissed. But as I matured into a man (work in progress) and became a husband and father myself, I realized that those corny quotes make up the foundation of my core beliefs, which I am passing on to my kids. But like most New Heartlanders, my core values never leave me, regardless of what’s happening on Wall Street or who sits in the White House.

Ok, enough about me.

New Heartland Speaks is a community, so we’d love to hear from you. In the comments below, take a minute to introduce yourself, tell us where you’re from, what you’re all about, and what kinds of brands and special offers you’d like to see in the coming weeks. We’ll do our best to honor your requests.

Welcome to New Heartland Speaks!

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Cynthia A.
Hi, all! My name is Cynthia Allgood, and I'm from Rocky Face, Georgia, which is about 30 minutes south of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and about an hour north of Atlanta, Georgia. I'm married and have one child, a 16 year old daughter. We have two fur babies, who are just like hairy children. Rumor has it that I'm of Irish, German, and Polish decent, with some Cherokee mixed in there also. I plan to start doing research to see if any of it is true ;) When I'm not working at the local Harley-Davidson shop, I spend my time fishing (my favorite outdoor activity), reading (I love Cassandra King!), writing (mainly poetry and lyrics), going to concerts (Jason Isbell, Jamey Johnson, and Gary Allan top the list), and going to BBQ competitions with my husband (he's a backyard competitor). I'm really excited about this site and connecting with other like-minded folks!