Dierks Bentley's "Black" Hits #1

What's your favorite song from "Black"?

After hitting #1 on Billboard's Top Albums Chart and Top Country Albums Chart this week, Dierks Bentley's world seems to be getting a little brighter. Dierks describes “Black” as “a dark, mysterious, after-hours kind of record," about how romance and relationships evolve over time. “It explores some of the darker shadows of love, the  edges  of  the  heart,  and  the  things  that  don't  happen  in  broad  daylight,"  he says. “To me, that's the more interesting side of love.”

It’s a personal album that draws on Bentley’s own experiences, but he hopes it will also have universal appeal. After all, who hasn't felt crazy optimistic about a new relationship, as  Bentley does in a song called "Freedom?" Who hasn't struggled with self-doubt like Bentley does in "Pickup?" Who hasn't wished they could chase away the pain of  a  broken  heart  by  ditching  town  and  winding  up "Somewhere on a Beach?"

Is Bentley a country music artist? Yes and no. While his voice and style keep him firmly rooted in a  country music tradition, he also pushes far beyond the boundaries of the Bible Belt. "I’m not from the South," says the Arizona native, "so all of my music can't just be about living in the country or that lifestyle. All the singers I grew up with — Merle Haggard, Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson — were just writing about life. So if I am going to write about life and what I have learned so far, then I have to write about things that draw from a different idea pool.

Find out when you can hear him on tour.

Until then, have a listen to what may become your new favorite song (and maybe even your fave video, too!)

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Cleda C.
Wish I was somewhere on a beach. Dierks would be nice too.
Sarah P.
Love singer, song, and video! I'm somewhere on the mountain though ;)
Juliet E.
Love listening to his music
kirsten h.
Great for summertime listen. Love it!
Tiffany K.
I loved it and enjoy most of his music.One of my favorite songs by him is Settle for a Slow Down.
MaryAnn B.
loved it and love his music ~ I've seen him in concert and he is good.
Fatima H.