What is the New Heartland?

The New Heartland is a playground for people who prefer lakes over oceans, bluegrass over opera, outdoors to in, church on Sunday, and fun with family and friends. It’s country roads, state fairs, front porches, friendly faces. Most of all, it’s a way of life.

The New Heartland is not what people who fly over it think it is. We’re Hoosiers and Longhorns. Farmers and hipsters. We’ve got some of the best schools in the world and our college teams aren’t too bad, either. We like country, rock, pop, rhythm & blues, rap & hip hop. At Churchill Downs, we sip mint juleps and wear smart bowties and funny hats. We tear up when the national anthem plays. To us, ranch dressing is a food group and corn hole is an Olympic-level sport.

The New Heartland is diverse. Politically speaking, we’re all over the map. Some of us get married young, some play the field. Some of us like to try the newest thing, others prefer the old tried & true. Every New Heartlander knows their hometown makes the most delicious (fill in the blank). Southern hospitality is different than Minnesota nice. And don’t get us started on rivalries—Alabama & Auburn, we’re looking at you.

Sure, we’ve got our differences, but in the ways that matter, we’re very much alike.

How alike? How different? Let’s find out.


New Heartland Speaks Gives You a Voice

We’re creating a new kind of map: not of cities and towns but of New Heartland culture, pride, traditions, and love.

We’ll ask you questions about all kinds of things—life, love, music, sports, faith, culture, food, friends, family, who you are and who you want to be.

We’ll show you the results. You can see how you compare to others, what you have in common, and what makes you unique.

Our goal is to give the New Heartland a voice so that the rest of the country can get to know us for who we really are.

Together, we’ll create a new map of the New Heartland, one made for you & me.